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My studio is situated in the Blue Mountains area of Sydney Australia, which provides me with the perfect backdrop from which to indulge my love of both travel and botanical beauty. These passions have a significant impact upon my work. 

I am a studio painter and take a surrealist approach to still life. My distinct method of distortion creates vibrant images filled with movement and energy. My painting style is to disintegrate shapes and colours into fragments, a process of applying paint meticulously like pieces in a puzzle. I’m allowing images to develop like broken worlds pieced together to provide both movement and rhythm.

My paintings begin with a layer of acrylics followed by another layer in my favourite medium oil paint. Each painting is then finished with a gloss varnish which enhances the richness of colours. I usually work on one painting at a time, finding it satisfying to focus on that one piece – this can take a few weeks depending on the size.

The titles for my paintings come from poetry, songs or inspirational quotes.

I am a three-time finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Portrait Award for female artists, as well as a prestigious art prize finalist and invited artist in many other exhibitions, my work is loved by critics and art collectors alike.

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